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Bend Bikes is a grassroots organization working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Bend, Oregon. Our aim is to increase everyday bicycling by advocating for more and better bike infrastructure and promoting a culture that thrives on active transportation. We're a bicycle advocacy group that hosts fun events for everyday riders.


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#ibikebend is a photo journal of the bicycle as transportation. Are you in the collection? If not, you should be. Email us a picture and your story.

Julia Deskin says, "For me, being on my bike almost always guarantees a happier day."

Julia Deskin says, "For me, being on my bike almost always guarantees a happier day."


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Bicycle Advocacy & Events for Everyday Riders

Bike lanes help everybody

Note: This post originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin's 'Letters to the Editor' section. Traffic in Bend is likely to get worse (“Short commutes still the norm in Bend,” Jan. 6) and parking downtown is so bad that the city is paying $555,250 to study the problem...

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Why you should care about HB2682

Quite literally, speed can kill. Especially, when a collision involves an automobile and a vulnerable road user. According to a 1999 study commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "It was estimated that only 5 percent of pedestrians would...

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