Lucas Freeman


Co-founder of Bend Bikes, Lucas got his start in bicycle advocacy when he wondered aloud why more of his neighbors weren’t taking their children by bike to school.

Jackson Lester

At Large

Jackson has used a bicycle as his main mode of transport in lots of places: Seattle, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Lexington, KY. In fact, he biked across North America, leading a group of 34 on a cross-North-American cycling trip from Portsmouth, NH to Vancouver, BC, building affordable housing along the way. His Master's thesis work was on bikey stuff. His day job is as the Senior Transit Planner for Cascades East Transit.

Ariel Mendez

At Large

With a PhD in Political Science from Stanford, Ariel has expertise in both event planning and fundraising for nonprofits, as well as grant writing. This father of three is an avid cargo bike commuter.

Colleen Miller

At Large

Colleen works for the City of Bend, and has a professional background in urban planning and geographic information systems. Having lived in Bend since 2004, she's volunteered with many bicycle related events including a school bike train from her neighborhood and bike safety events at Bear Creek Elementary.

LeeAnn O'Neill

At Large

LeeAnn is a recovering attorney who escaped corporate law life by biking across Mexico. She is the bilingual legal advocate at Saving Grace and is passionate about making bike commuting initiatives inclusive and eliminating barriers for those who face obstacles to bike commuting.

Eric Power

At Large

As a father, husband and cycling enthusiast, Eric has turned his passion into a profession. As owner of Bend Velo Bike Shop, and creator of the J. Livingston Brand of bikes, Eric has both a passion and desire to incorporate bicycles into everyone's daily life.

Scott Reich

At Large

Scott is fortunate enough to have never had a regular car commute in his adult life and hopes that more people in Bend can have that opportunity. He works as the Fair Lending Officer at Umpqua Bank and has spent most of his career facilitating equal access to financial services for traditionally under-served populations.

Nicholas Stevenson


Nick is a lifelong lover of bicycling and supporter of bikeable communities. He works for Deschutes County Public Health and volunteers with several other nonprofit groups in Oregon.

Kirk Stock

At Large

Kirk is the owner of Video Works Productions, a Bend-based video production company.  He served on the advisory board for the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway before moving back to Bend in 2014.

Ross Winsor


Ross works at WebCyclery in Bend.  Prior to his addition to the board, he volunteered his time attending several different Bend transportation policy groups including the Transportation Safety Advisory Committee.

Aron Yarmo


Aron is a lawyer with Bailey & Yarmo, LLP, and an avid cyclist. He has two school-aged children and has a strong interest in safe and efficient bicycle transportation systems. His passion is Neighborhood Greenways.