Getting Bend on Bikes for Everyday Riding

Bend Bikes will not be silent

Bend Bikes will not be silent. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, among so many others, are a part of the continuing failure of our country to address systemic racism and police violence against Black people. This is inexcusable and we...

Bend Bikes in the time of COVID-19

A time for change and transition. Much like our community, Bend Bikes has been in the midst of a swirl of changes and transition. The beginning of 2020 began with countless volunteer hours by our board members who engaged with City staff, elected officials, active...

Backstory to the Upcoming May 19th Transportation Bond Request

An updated Transportation System Plan (TSP) has been over two years in the making.  This policy and planning document sets State-mandated policy and planning guidelines and is the culmination of work that the Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee did with consultants and City staffers in countless hours of public meetings, focus groups, neighborhood association workshops, as well as public polling. Combined, they will inform not only the TSP, but also a potential major funding source for transportation projects: a May 2020 Transportation Bond for improvements and new construction.

City Council to Take Action on Historic Transportation Bond

Speak up now to support active transportation in Bend's future! The City of Bend is gearing up to put the largest transportation bond in its history on the May 2020 ballot. January is shaping up to be a formative month to influence the process. We need your help!...

New Executive Director at Commute Options

In case you hadn't already heard, Brian Potwin, a co-founder and former Board member of Bend Bikes, is the newly minted Executive Director of Commute Options. 

Our Mission

Bend Bikes is a grassroots non-profit dedicated to improving the safety and visibility of bicycling riders in Bend, Oregon.

Our vision is for those who ride a bicycle to feel safe on a comprehensive network of bike-friendly routes which benefits our entire community.


We bike Bend. Do you?

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#ibikebend is a photo journal of the bicycle as transportation. Are you in the collection? If not, you should be. Email us a picture and your story.



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