NW 15th Street Neighborhood Greenway Project

PBOT greenway sign

The Project Area

NW 15th and Galveston

This is the top of the project area and will extend to NW 15th and Simpson.

NW 15th and Simpson

This is the southern end of the project area.

Pins mark the north and south ends of the project

What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where bicycles and pedestrians are given priority.

Watch the video below for an overview of the work we've been doing to implement them in Bend.


The Latest

Bend Bikes in the time of COVID-19

Bend Bikes in the time of COVID-19

A time for change and transition. Much like our community, Bend Bikes has been in the midst of a swirl of changes and transition. The beginning of 2020 began with countless volunteer hours by our board members who engaged with City staff, elected officials, active...

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Backstory to the Upcoming May 19th Transportation Bond Request

Backstory to the Upcoming May 19th Transportation Bond Request

An updated Transportation System Plan (TSP) has been over two years in the making.  This policy and planning document sets State-mandated policy and planning guidelines and is the culmination of work that the Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee did with consultants and City staffers in countless hours of public meetings, focus groups, neighborhood association workshops, as well as public polling. Combined, they will inform not only the TSP, but also a potential major funding source for transportation projects: a May 2020 Transportation Bond for improvements and new construction.

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Yield at Stop Signs Starts January 1st

Yield at Stop Signs Starts January 1st

This New Year’s day, you’ve got one more reason to celebrate as someone who commutes by bicycle around Bend.  You will no longer will be required to come to a full halt at a stop sign or a flashing red beacon.  If you find it safe and conditions allow, you don’t have to completely kill your momentum.  Horray!  But, as they say, “Conditions apply.” Read on for details.

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Thanks for Making It Fun! 2019 Holiday Lights Ride

Thanks for Making It Fun! 2019 Holiday Lights Ride

An event like HLR just would not have been possible without many hands a-helping: from Bend Bikes Board members, to our volunteers, to the fun-loving attendees who braved some chilly weather, to the generous support of local businesses for the food, drink and raffle prizes that made the night a great time.

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2019 Holiday Lights Ride

2019 Holiday Lights Ride

The 2019 Holiday Lights Ride is gonna be a special evening of fun for the whole family on Saturday, December 14th at 5:45pm. The evening starts at the Bend Senior Center and heads off on our tour of the Larkspur Trail. Decorate your bicycle to get into the holiday spirit while you cruise along this off-street path…

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To Dos

  1. Make a petition for neighborhood signatures
  2. Create a "NW 15th Street Greenway features" survey
  3. Distribute the survey
  4. Post results - see what you want and where you want it
  5. Create a short-term greenway pilot plan

Project Milestones

(red text denotes current step)

  1. Decide: Project scope and objectives
  2. Decide: Traffic calming and greenway feature preferences
  3. Decide: Strategies for communications
  4. Decide: Stakeholders to engage and at what point
  5. Engage more neighbors and build support
  6. Fundraise
  7. Present to City Council
  8. Implement

Greenway Features

Take the Survey

Mini Roundabout

  • Reduces approach speeds at intersections
  • Reduces driving sightlines / sense of thoroughfare
  • More continuous flow for cyclists
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Create lateral deflections in the roadway causing drivers to reduce speed
  • Reduces speeds without limiting access
  • Provides opportunity for landscaping
  • Can impact parking


  • Help control traffic volumes
  • Deters "cut-through" traffic
  • Can cause access issues for locals

Speed Humps/Speed Tables

  • Big brothers of speed bumps
  • Reduce auto speeds and volumes
  • The City's first responders warming up to use of speed humps

Curb Extension

  • Increases visibility of pedestrians
  • Shortens crossing distance of street
  • Visually narrows the streetscape
  • May not be feasible without sidewalks

Green Colored Paint

  • Increases awareness of bike traffic
  • Increases predictability of path of travel
  • Inexpensive but subject to wear and snow cover